What is Platinum Process Training

5 Modules to Success

Module #1: Rebooting Your Hard Drive

In these 5 chapters you will begin the process of developing the necessary soft-skills required to position yourself as the value added expert as it relates to becoming a “Differentiated Authentic Consumer Centric Real Estate Advisor!” This transition is at this trainings core and is the first of three Foundational Pillars of the Platinum Process Home Selling System™. Foundational Pillar #1- Personal Development is the elixir that makes the entire delivery of this one of a kind home selling process flow seamlessly.

Module #3: The 5 Home Selling Fundamentals

The Platinum Process 5 Home Selling Fundamentals™ is the nervous system of the Platinum Process Home Selling System™. Each of the 5 fundamentals are so significant in the co-creation of the pre-planned result! Like the links in a chain, each fundamental is attached to the next and without the link in front or behind it on its own will not give your home selling process the strength it requires to create the desired result!

Module #2: The 4 Home Selling Principles

The “Platinum Process 4 Home Selling Principles™” are a powerful combination of Pillars 2 and 3 of the Platinum Process Home Selling System™, which are Philosophical Expansion and Technical Mastery. These four principles dove tail into each of the first four of the Platinum Process “5 Home Selling Fundamentals.” The alchemy between the corresponding principles and fundamentals create the systems and strategies within this home selling system that are essential in delivering their predictable and extraordinary results.

Module #4: The Listing Game Plan

Your home seller’s listing is ready to hit the MLS, 80% of your work is done, but now it’s time to execute the plan! Managing ones listings is for most agents all about feedback and price reductions. Not the case when you are implementing the Platinum Process Home Selling System. Like an NFL/CFL coaching staff you have to manage your plan and make adjustments at critical points within the listing time frame. The execution of the right game plan will always get 85% to 95% of your listings to selling for the top end of its value range; the wrong plan won’t.

Module #5: Review

Congratulations! You are now equipped with the most powerful home selling system ever created! Let’s review each module to ensure you are completely dialed into the “Process.”






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