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What is the Platinum Process?The Platinum Process is a sales system built on a three-pillar foundation of personal, philosophical and technical development. At its core, the system is driven by authentic intent and action. The development of the three pillars with the giver’s intent and perspective is the alchemy of this consumer-centric training model.

Understanding the Platinum Process Philosophy .

Watch these short videos and find out why the Platinum Process is changing how real estate is bought and sold in North America!

How Realtors have been misguided

How realtors can increase their incomes by 50 to 75% inside 12 months

Why and how Realtors need to be differentiated

The path to personal fulfillment is the same as the path to professional freedom. You travel them both simultaneously.

We attract based on who we are rather than who we hope to retain as clients.

Home buyers and sellers believe we need them more than they need us. This is why realtors are always having to “generate” new leads. Can you imagine what your business and life would be like if the opposite were true? Yes, I do mean consumers chasing you, wanting to do business with you alone.

The answer to attracting all the clients you could ever want lies within three powerful concepts. These relate to how you show up for your clients. The attainment of these three, as well as the systems and strategies that support them, is what differentiates the Platinum Process from any other realtor training program.

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