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What is the Platinum Process?

The Platinum Process is a sales system built on a three-pillar foundation of personal, philosophical and technical development.

At its core, the system is driven by authentic intent and action. The development of the three pillars with the giver’s intent and perspective is the alchemy of this consumer-centric training model.What is the Platinum Process?

As stated in the name, the training is a “process” and not an acquiring of industry-related knowledge or purchasing of an effective tool to add to one’s sales arsenal. The “process” was born from my own personal experience in the industry. I was inspired to expand my training from the agents within my office to something bigger because of my unwavering belief that we as an industry needed a change of philosophy in order to meet the needs of our consumers.

However, the philosophical change regarding how we dealt with our consumers on its own was not enough. I realized after participating in numerous training programs over a 17-year period that not one of the training programs I had experienced developed, to any effective degree, Realtors® on a personal level. As I was going through my own process, it became very clear to me that a sales training program void of focused personal development is akin to offering a powerful computer to someone who is technically challenged and expecting them to operate it to its maximum potential.

As the personal and philosophical development occurs for you, you will begin to seamlessly position yourselves as the differentiated “authentic” consumer-centric advisors, whose focus is to deliver optimum results rather than service. You, as do all Realtors®, need to understand that you are in the results business and not the service industry. The services you provide are simply components within your delivery processes in attaining results, but they are not the results themselves. By understanding this paradigm shift and achieving results, you will organically create lifetime champions for your businesses who actively refer family and friends back to you.

The mission of the Platinum Process is to empower Realtors® who desire to seek a more conscious and authentic version of themselves as they follow their own path toward personal and professional mastery.

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