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6 Hour Boot Camp

The Platinum Process Bootcamp

Are you living and working at your peak or optimal state? If you are like most people your answer is, “No, I’m not, but I wish I was.” I don’t ask that question from a place of judgement or superiority, because functioning at one’s peak state is an ongoing practice that we all cycle in and out of depending on our own level of personal awareness. Success in the real estate sales industry is not a destination but rather an acceptance that there are always ways to improve how we show up and deliver our professional services to clients.

The Problem

Doing a boat load of sales and running from sun-up to sundown just means you’re busy and that’s all.

For most agents being busy means being on the transaction treadmill like our great ancestral hunter- gatherers who were constantly moving and hunting as a means of survival, stopping only long enough to eat their kill and then resuming the hunt again.

I’ve just, in a very barbaric way, described how about 90% of realtors function day to day. What’s really unbelievable is this is exactly what virtually all coaches and trainers are teaching agents like you to do! I know this to be true because early on in my real estate sales career I experienced this myself.

Is it any wonder that public perception of realtors is as bad as it is? It makes complete sense to me when the research done on our industry tells us that 74% of home sellers feel they did not receive the value for the commission they were charged, or more than 75% of consumers do not rehire the last agent they used.

As a realtor who is looking to transform your business you must look at these problematic facts as a huge “opportunity!”

The Solution

To create an endless stream of clients without the painstaking outdated activities.

It’s time to leave the hunter-gatherer business model behind and make the necessary paradigm shift that will organically put you on an open freeway to the business and lifestyle you have always wanted but didn’t know how to create.

If you are unable to picture what that is right now, that’s even better because once this training wakes up your true essence you will intuitively create the perfect vision for your business. You see, once you tap into the right mindset, tools, skills, systems and strategies, creating your version of success is all but guaranteed. This is not only my opinion but rather a universal principle!

I Have Created The Platinum Process Bootcamp

to be able to share with you what I know to be true and what works for me to this day. What has become abundantly clear to me is that once you develop your competence and are clear about why you are committed to delivering a superior home selling experience to your customers you will become unstoppable.

You’ve heard the saying that “success leaves clues”. This is why your brokers typically point you in the direction of the top hunter-gatherer in the office and say, “Watch what they do and do the same.”

I Have A Better Idea

It’s a business principle described here by Warren Buffet: “…businesses need a durable competitive advantage, a long term sustainable advantage, which is strategic in nature and is backed up with a perfectly aligned organization to consistently deliver the promised value proposition.”

If you are committed to developing your own durable competitive advantage and becoming invaluable to your clients because you have the ability to deliver superior home selling results, then I want to share what I know to be true with you.

Twenty years ago I found myself looking for help and answers on how to build a profitable business so I became a seeker for the best knowledge our industry had to offer. What happened next changed my life. I created my own brokerage and built a 13 member team and soon we were selling 300 homes a year. Money was pouring in but most of it poured out just as fast to keep my team busy. It was a terrible business model, but it did serve its purpose because it forced me to find a better way.

Lesson 1

Rebooting Your Hard Drive: the first steps in developing your competitive advantage over your other realtors.

This live 90 minute training is all about you. I will open the gate of your mind and share with you what I found to be the most powerful philosophies and mindsets I have adopted to bring flow and ease in my business and lifestyle.

If you are willing to accept that any positive transformation to your business begins with you, then you my friend are custom-made for this boot camp. I sincerely feel you will make some very serious breakthroughs during this session!

Lesson 2

The Five Home Selling Fundamentals

To really achieve predictable stability and success as a realtor, it is imperative that you become a dominant listing agent in your market!

Controlling your listing in-flow and out-flow is the holy grail for realtors. This training is all about sharing with you the 5 undeniable “hacks” to becoming that “dominant listing agent,” and these five home selling fundamentals will become your blue print.

Lesson 3

The Four Home Selling Principals

Some of the synonyms for the word “Principles” are, Doctrine, Foundation and Truth. The four principles I want to share with you are what differentiates the Platinum Process Home Selling System from all others; and will allow you to distinguish your business model from those of your competition.

Nobody in the real estate training industry is sharing these “results” driven principles with agents! These principles are the key to creating your desired income which is intrinsically linked to client satisfaction and retention.

Lesson 4

The Listing “Game Plan”

You have been taught to service the hell out of your home sellers once their home hits the market, by busying yourself with a check list of activities like open houses, realtor caravans and just listed flyers; all in the hopes of justifying the commission you are charging which you have likely discounted in order to “get” the listing.

Where in that very accurate statement can you find one strategic action that will critically impact the final sale price of the any home you list? Correct, there isn’t one and yet this is what everyone is doing. Don’t hear me say that I’m going to tell you to stop doing these activities because I won’t. My point is simply that these activities do not constitute a “game plan” that will position you as the home selling advisor who consistently and effectively creates individualized results for your clients.

The Listing Game Plan I will be sharing with you will drive your list-to-sell ratio up by no less than 30% and your income up by at least 50% with the same amount of listings you currently take each year. Whether that number of listings is 5, 15 or 75, it does not matter. My game plan will drive your listing sales efficiency through the roof !

Are You Ready For Transformation?

If you are really serious about transforming your business on all levels, then consider registering now for my Platinum Process Boot Camp. I typically charge my one on one clients $500 per hour for my time. In my Boot Camp you will get 6 HOURS of live, not pre-recorded, time with me for $399 (Valued at $2,999).

Do not click the button below to register unless you are truly ready to transform your real estate business!

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