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One-on-One Real Estate Mentorship

Becoming a Seeker

When you identify the most successful and powerful individuals within any industry, you can be assured of one thing; every one of them had a mentor who was instrumental in their success.

I have had the honor of being a mentor to many realtors which is a distinction I hold very sacred. Sharing an inspirational perspective to help focus someone’s life and business is truly a gift and opportunity I have always taken very seriously. I have been very fortunate to have had some excellent mentors of my own, who, metaphorically, gave me the water I needed at the time. Like the old saying goes “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.” I was sick and tired of being sick and tired of being stalled. I was thirsty so the timing was good for me. I still, to this day, consult with them on a regular basis.

Without the six individuals I consider to have had the most profound positive impact on my life and business career I would not be in the position today to offer those I mentor the transformative concepts, philosophies and technical skills they seek.

Investing in Yourself

When do you know you are ready for one-to-one mentoring? For me it was a light bulb moment in December of 1999. I had just completed my 6th full year as a realtor and I was thoroughly frustrated with the inconsistencies I had experienced up to that point. Years four and five were successful and then in year six my business basically fell off the table and my income dropped by almost half!

It was at that moment I decided to become a seeker of the best knowledge the real estate sales business had to offer. Little did I know at the time that it would be the mentoring I received from outside the real estate industry that would have the most profound impact on me?

To this day I still consider myself a seeker. I did not know it 18 years ago, but once the desire for change and transformation took hold of me it set me on what I now consider a lifelong path filled with wonderful lessons.

“Success typically starts with the decision to set yourself up to win; winning is not happenstance.” Eric Putoto

Investing in one-to-one mentoring is, I feel, unequivocally the most profound investment anyone could make in themselves. The question many struggle with in pondering this investment is, “Am I worth it?” Which most disguise and interpret as, “Is it going to be worth it?”

One of my mentors put it to me in a way I will never forget. He asked, “Eric how many one dollar bills would you give me if I gave you ten dollars in return for each one?” I thought about it for a second and realized the very profound point he was making and quickly came to the right conclusion which was of course, as many as I could find. I am forever grateful he asked me that question.

Some of what you can expect to receive from your one-to-one training:

The Overview

My mentoring program is built on three pillars: • Personal development • Philosophical expansion, and • Technical mastery The training is structured in this way because, these are the three areas of transformation I went through in my own process and how I came about creating what has become the Platinum Process.

A Different Process

Let me use an analogy to explain how the Platinum Process is differentiated from all the trainings I participated in within the real estate industry.

Let’s say you were a carpenter and were asked to build your own home. The blue prints and all the materials would be provided to you as you needed them. Would you be able to complete the project? Unless you had the guided experience of having gone through the entire home building process before, the answer would be no. In fact, you would need to have had multiple start-to-finish experiences in order to be qualified and feel comfortable enough to take on the project yourself.

So, in this analogy what had to change in order for you to be able to build the home? Was it the blue prints or the materials? What changed was you and your knowledge and skills. So if this is true, why do realtors run around buying websites or lead generating gadgets, try out social media strategies or some other top producer’s blue print to success thinking that somehow this is going to change their business experience?

“Without developing yourself through the experience of acquiring the right knowledge, philosophies and skills you will forever be on the transaction treadmill.”   Eric Putoto

Right now you may have more questions than answers regarding the Platinum Process One on One Mentoring Program – which is perfect! My question for you is, “How do you feel not having all the answers right now?” Does it make you want to pull back, or drive ahead?

The Start

A full overview and assessment of your real estate sales business.

One needs to understand what it is they want to leave behind in their business before they are able to identifying what is they want to replace it with.   It is very important to note that you have done nothing wrong to this point. You can only create from the foundation of your knowledge and imagination. All you should want for yourself right now is change. Be grateful that your imagination is yearning for more knowledge!

No one has perfect mastery in their chosen profession initially, but we can all unveil our greatness to the degree we have the vision and desire.

The Why

Why did you become a realtor?

Would your answer to that question compel others to become life-time clients of yours? For me the answer is no because I literally stumbled into this industry by chance; which, explains the experience I had in my first six years.

If your why, purpose or cause, does not inspire people to want to deal with you then you will always be a follower and not a leader.

“We don’t attract what we want we attract who we are.”     -Wayne Dyer

The What

Moving away from the “doing” and into the “being.”

Our industry has trained realtors to look for approval through action; which would be fine if we were in the service industry, but we are not. There’s a big difference between “doing” great and “being” great at what you do!

So if “what” you do can be encapsulated by simply saying, “I’m a realtor,” then you are one of 1.4 million. If you able to proclaim “I help home owners get up to 5-10% more for their homes.” then now you are one in 1.4 million.

The How

“How” you show up for your clients’ needs to become your brand.

Becoming invaluable to your clients because of how you do what you do for them is differentiation in its most rewarding form. When it comes to selling homes, that form is, achieving the absolute highest sale price each and every time; beyond that nothing else really matters.

“You are not in the service industry, you are in the results industry.” – Eric Putoto

The Next Step

By now you have likely noticed what I’m offering you in the exclusive one-to-one training program is void of gadgets, scripts, killer listing dialog or long lists of does and don’ts. The reason is that none of that matters if your intentions are misguided and absent of right action.

This one-to-one mentorship process is not for everyone, which is why I want to extend to you a free no obligation 45 minute consult call with me in order for you to decide if I’m the right mentor for you and for me to discern if I feel you’re a good candidate for the training.

Investing in Yourself

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